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Products & Services | Construction & Infrastructure

Whether as the agent of international companies or as a supplier on our own account, we provide the Iraqi Construction & Infrastructure industries with the following products and services:


:: Seawater desalination units  
:: Waste water treatment systems  
:: Customized grease separators  
:: Backwater valves  
:: Sewage lifting stations  
:: Power and electrical products  
:: Hot and cold rolled steel & stainless steel coils and sheets  
:: Steel and stainless steel pipes and tubes  
:: Structural steel  
:: Steel piles  
:: Tents and temporary halls and storage systems  
:: Lighting systems for indoor and outdoor  


:: Architectural design and master planning of buildings or building complexes  
:: Transportation planning and engineering for roads and railway systems  
:: Port and harbour planning and development  
:: Construction site supervision  
:: Airport planning and engineering  
:: Management of water resources and development of technical solutions for water cycles  
:: Geotechnical site investigations  
:: Environmental due diligence and planning  
:: International logistics services  
:: Airfreight services  

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