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Country Information

Specific country information is essential for successful operations within a new market. Therefore, we provide particular information and diligently prepare our partners for future business relationships.

A few facts for a brief overview of the Republic of Iraq are mentioned below:

Location & Area

On a land area of 437.393 km2, Iraq lies between Saudi-Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Syria and Jordan to the west, and Turkey to the north.

Population & Demography

Today, Iraq has a population of about 29 Million people of which approximately 80% are Arabs and 17 % are Kurds. 70% of the population lives in cities like Baghdad, Mosul, Arbil, or Sulaimaniyya. Worth mentioning is the low average age of the population which is 20 years. This explains a population growth rate of about 2.5% per year and indicates a perspective economic growth in Iraq.

Religion & Language

About 60% of the Iraqi population belongs to the denomination of Shia Islam and approximately 35% are followers of Sunni Islam. Aside from these denominations, there are multiple Christian churches as well as churches of other religious affiliations present.
Arabic and Kurdish are the two official and most widely spoken languages in Iraq. Turkmen and Aramaic are also spoken, but are less common.

Form of Government & Government Officials

Iraq has been an independent country since 1932 and is, since 2004, a parliamentary republic which incorporates human and civil rights, as well as freedom of speech and minority rights in its constitution.
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