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Network And Experience

The founders of MDC - Iraq Development Company are highly connected Iraqis and Germans with years of experience in Iraq. Therefore, we have unique expertise and networks concerning the Iraqi market - competitive advantages that we actively use to find partners for our German clients in order to establish sustainable success and promising business connections.

Presence in Baghdad, Basrah and Frankfurt

Through our presence in Baghdad, Basrah and Frankfurt, our clients can always reach us on a transnational level. This assures constant contact to all our partners - on the one hand, as a direct contact for German businesses in Germany, and on the other hand, locally in Iraq. Hence, short distances guarantee immediate availability for both sides and secure the possibility to react quickly and locally.

Short-Term Project Support & Long-Term Capacities

We at MDC - Iraq Development Company are able to provide our clients with specific short-term project related resources for market entries, or long-term and continuous support for their Iraq activities - each customized and situational.

Reliable Market Information

Reliable market data is one of the key requirements for entering the Iraqi market. Through our networks, we have unique access to governmental data sources and local market information. The quality of this information always allows us to have an overview of up-to-date developments in the Iraqi market and a level of detail that creates an absolutely necessary foundation for fact-based decision making.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Based on the fast-changing Iraqi market and the diversity of every market entry process, flexibility and efficiency are two pivotal success moments. We at MDC - Iraq Development Company align ourselves with flexibility so that it is always possible for us to work quickly, and with goal-oriented and customized efficiency. This presents our clients with the maximum level of adjustment speed and adaptation quality to respond to every market development.

MDC Sectors

MDC - Iraq Development Company is principally interested in a dialog and cooperation with all sectors and businesses. This includes those considering business activities in Iraq as well as those wanting to execute current activities more efficiently, expand, or reorganize them.

Due to market conditions, there is a high and urgent demand in the healthcare and construction sectors. Therefore, we have compiled specific information pertaining to these areas in respective sector brochures.

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